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Named after the spotted free ranging guinea hens that roam the farm, Speckled Bird Farm is located in the rural community of Timberlake, NC, which is half-way between Roxboro and Durham. Guinea Fowl are voracious insect eaters and are part of the farm's organic Integrated Pest Management practices. The nursery specializes in many varieties of day lilies, irises, and hostas. The farm grows blueberries of several different varieties so that fruit is available the entire blueberry season, from very early to very late. A variety of gourds are grown which are dried, cleaned, drilled and crafted into hand-painted and wood-burned birdhouses. If you are looking for a craft project, our homegrown pre-drilled hanging gourd birdhouses are also available and ready-to-paint. Available in late fall, our Birdseed Cake Wreaths make perfect hostess holiday gifts for bird lovers.

Seasonal vegetables are produced, including heirloom tomatoes and heirloom beans. In the fall the farm harvests its large crop of Jerusalem Artichokes, a unique and surprisingly popular crop at the farmers' market. Fresh cut flowers are available when in season.

Speckled Bird Farm sells its farm products and farm crafts at the
Durham Farmers Market.